GASTROunika Caviar is produced and selected at two beautiful sustainable farms in Europe – where the sturgeons live in a lake in the mountains (Caviar Elegance) and pools of spring water in the forest (Royal Belgian Caviar). The caviar for GASTROunika is specially selected by hand and each type of caviar can be traced back to the actual fish that it comes from – all in cooperation with CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species).

GASTROunika Caviar delivers one of the absolute finest and rarest caviar selections to a wide range of top restaurants in Scandinavia and other parts of the World.

GASTROunika Caviar was founded by Søren Grunnet Løvenlund in 2016, in his pursuit to bring the finest culinary products to the world’s top restaurants.


GASTROunika is proud to have been awarded with the Gazelle Award for outstanding achievement in business 2022 & 2023.

We congratulate the achievements of our restaurant partners on the top 50 best list


GASTROunika is actively creating meaningful relationships and supporting individuals and organizations that promote the hospitality industry and its customers.

We are proud a sponsor of the Bocuse d’Or Denmark, which highlights the greatest chefs in the culinary world, for the 2nd consecutive candidacy.

Bocuse D’Or’s highlights the greatest chefs in the culinary world. GASTROunika  supported the WINNING Team Denmark at the World Championships, January 2023. Congratulations to Brian Mark.