Osietra Caviar

595,00 kr.2.195,00 kr.

TYPE: Sturgeon mainly from the Caspian Sea region, also called Russian Sturgeon.

BREED OF STURGEON: Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii

PRODUCTION METHOD: Malossol (slightly salted) traditionally prepared caviar

GRAIN DIAMETER: 3,0mm to 3,5mm

STURGEON AGE: Between 10 and 14 years

COLOUR OF THE EGGS: Varying from steel grey over olive to dark green, sometimes even amber-coloured.

FLAVOUR: Intense and complex flavors, light salty and typical nutty flavours followed by touches of minerals and egg yolk. Very long after-taste.

AVAILABLE IN: 10g, 30g, 50g, 125g, 250g, 500g & 1,000g

ORIGIN: Belgium